Saving Seabirds Since 1968

SANCCOB is a registered non-profit organisation (NPO 003-134) whose primary objective is to reverse the decline of seabird populations through the rescue, rehabilitation and release of ill, injured, abandoned and oiled seabirds – especially endangered species like the African penguin.

The organisation works closely with colony managers to identify birds in need of care in the wild and bring them to one of our two centres in South Africa: Cape Town (Western Cape) and Gqeberha (Eastern Cape).

What We Do

Saving southern African seabirds since 1968.


SANCCOB provides a 24/7 rescue service for sick and injured seabirds and abandoned chicks. We respond to oil spill disasters along the South African coastline.

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SANCCOB is recognised internationally as a leader in the field of seabird rehabilitation. We treat 2500 injured, sick and oiled seabirds annually.

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Chick Rearing

Our specialist Chick Rearing Unit saves African penguin eggs and chicks that have been abandoned, for subsequent release back into the wild.

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Oiled Wildlife

SANCCOB works with various stakeholders to ensure authorities take appropriate preparedness action to mitigate oil
spill risks.

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We offer various engaging lessons for children and adults, including tours of the facilities, presentations and encounters with our Ambassador penguins.

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We offer 3 and 6 month internships for over 18 years of age, a zoo and aquarium animal professional experience programme and veterinary experience courses.

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Ongoing research increases our understanding of seabird species’ behaviour, diseases and other factors that impact on their long-term survival.

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Penguin and Seabird Rangers

SANCCOB employs conservation staff in colonies in the Western Cape and Eastern Cape that are under the protection of conservation authorities to monitor seabirds.

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