Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds


‘Adopt’ and name a wild penguin – or
choose one of our home pen birds which
live permanently at SANCCOB because they
cannot survive
in the wild …


Help save this highly endangered species by adopting* a wild African penguin or penguin egg that will be rehabilitated and released back into the wild by our dedicated staff … or one of our ‘Home Pen’ birds that live permanently at our Table View and Port Elizabeth seabird centres, because for various reasons, they cannot be released back into the wild.

Please know that multiple adoptions of individual birds and eggs enable us to cover the costs of caring for all the penguins at SANCCOB; your contribution will form part of a collective pool of funds to provide incubation,  food and veterinary treatment for all.

If you adopt an African penguin undergoing rehabilitation during Valentine’s month’s, we will share the love even further and you’ll get to choose an additional penguin to adopt and name for someone special at no extra cost. Email to let us know your second penguin number chosen, a name for your penguin and whom to address and send it to. Your first penguin will waddle over quickly but please be patient for lovebird number 2.

*Terms & Conditions:
  • Home Pen penguins are residents at our centres and you may visit ‘your’ penguin within the first year of sponsorship. Please let us know when you plan to visit to avoid disappointment of all tour guides being occupied and unable to host you.
  • If you wish to see the rest of our beautiful facility then please book a tour in advance via for Table View or call PE on 041 583 1830 for tours as priced below.
  • Tours at SANCCOB Table View are R60 for adults, R50 for children under 12 years and R40 for senior citizens. We are open daily for tours, which takes place from 10am to 2pm.
  • Port Elizabeth tours cost R45 for adults and R30 for senior citizens and children under 12 years.
Adopt one of the ‘characters’ at SANCCOB for R1 000

You will receive a certificate of adoption, which includes a photograph and details of ‘your’ bird, as well as a special letter of thanks from ýour ‘bird’.

Adoptions are valid for one year and we encourage you to renew your support and help us continue caring for ‘your’ bird.

Adopt and name the penguin of your choice for R600

You will receive a certificate of adoption valid for one year, which includes a photograph and details of ‘your’ penguin, as well as a special letter of thanks from ‘your’ bird.

Adopt a penguin egg for R300

Adopt an African penguin egg that will be hatched, hand-reared and cared for until it is ready to be released into the wild.

You will receive an official Certificate of adoption.

Special message from Shaun Tomson, world-known South African professional surfer and former world champion, environmentalist, actor, author and businessman.

“On a trip back to our homeland of South Africa my son Luke and I discovered the SA Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds. We visited the wonderful facility right on the coast – dedicated, helpful and happy team members and the most amazing penguins you have ever seen!

Of course, Luke wanted to take one back to our home in Santa Barbara in the USA and since that wasn’t possible he decided to adopt one. Some of the penguins cannot be introduced back into the wild and he selected one of these, named Samrec.

I hope that you strongly consider donating to the unique foundation – its survival depends on community support in South Africa and across the world.

Donating has taught my son about philanthropy and the great responsibility we all have to protect endangered species. He now realizes he has the power to create change and make the world a better place. Donating and adopting Samrec has made him a better person and he now knows that giving is a gift to himself, not just a gift to his penguin Samrec.

Please join us in giving the gift of life and supporting the Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds.”