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Add your voice to marine conservation by joining SANCCOB’s membership programme.

When you register as a member, you will have the privilege of voting rights at SANCCOB’S Annual General Meetings, and receive an official Membership Certificate.

Other benefits include regular updates via electronic newsletters and an annual tour for two at any of our centres* in the Western or Eastern Cape regions of South Africa.

*Due to construction at our Cape Town centre, tours have been cancelled and will resume from February 2018.

Category Fee
Corporate membership
R2 800
Foreign membership
R1 500
Regular membership



f we want our children to live in a world inhabited by iconic species such as the African penguin, we need to plan now for their survival. That’s why – after you have made provision for your loved ones in your Will – we ask you to consider adding SANCCOB as a beneficiary.

Leaving a legacy to a charitable organisation is a popular tradition among people of vision, and may be something you would find worth considering. When our founder, Mrs. Althea Westphal, started SANCCOB out of her garage, she could never have imagined that her legacy would live on to become a world renowned seabird institution.

In the same way, you have the power to make a lasting impact on the way our world will look in generations to come – simply by including SANCCOB in your Will.

Bequests of money and possessions such as a motor vehicle, real estate, antiques, jewellery and artworks can all be put to great use in helping to conserve our precious seabird species – as can a percentage of your estate, the residue [what’s left after all your other beneficiaries have received their share] or the proceeds of a Life Assurance Policy.

Charitable bequests are tax deductible and may lead to a reduction in estate duty. Please talk to your financial advisor about the legal aspects of making a bequest to SANCCOB, or contact us for more information.

If you already have a Will and would like to add a bequest to SANCCOB, this may be done by means of a simple codicil.

Although your Will is a private matter, if you have already made a bequest to SANCCOB, we would really appreciate you letting us know – so we may thank you for your generosity and help you plan how your gift will be used. If the bequest is a large one, there may be naming rights available.

Please contact our Legacy Officer on 021 557 6155 or email


Cape Town Centre:

  • Old towels
  • Brooms (hard & soft bristles), mops and buckets (10 litre)
  • Measuring jugs
  • Pool nets
  • Garden rakes and spades (various sizes)
  • Chest freezer
  • Towel wringer (for wringing water out of towels)
  • Desktop or Laptop computer (new or used) in good working condition
  • Back-up hard drive 3TB (approx. R1 700)
  • Industrial Blenders (approx. R8500)
  • Air purifier
  • Incubator x 1
  • Portable brooders with car plug-in x 2
  • Extractor fan
  • Slurry pump
  • Weighing scale (approx. R4500)
  • Water for irrigation (approx. R12 500)
  • Pot rack & work table x 2 each (approx. R20 000)
  • Perspex Nebuliser boxes

Cape St. Francis Centre:

  • Generator
  • Commercial Speedqueen washer for towels used in ICU
  • High pressure cleaner
  • Slurry pump
  • Creepy Crawly Zodiac pool cleaner
  • Laptop, PC speakers
  • Camera
  • Overhead projector
  • POS system for shop
  • Wead-eater, 1.5m ladder, hand saw
  • Mini/bar fridge for medicines
  • Double freezer/fridge for postmortem room
  • Double garage
  • Electric fans to cool sick birds in summer
  • Window blinds to fit 178cm wide  145cm high (x2) and 235cm wide x 145cm high (1)
  • One-way glass film for viewing penguin rehab activities without disturbing the birds

Port Elizabeth Centre:

  • Infra-red adjustable heat lamps
  • New gates for all enclosures
  • Air-conditioning units
  • Fans
  • Nomad Matting
  • Industrial Blender
  • New Signage
  • Crates
  • Permanent Shelving
  • Slurry Pumps
  • Display Fridge for coffee shop
  • Coffee Machine for coffee shop
  • New telephone system
  • A3 laminator
  • Glass tops for tables in coffee shop
  • P.P.E- Glasses, armguards, oil skins
  • Cleaning Materials

If you are able to donate any of these items, kindly contact us! We are grateful for each and every donation. Or simply donate cash towards the purchase of these items.

Join our Pennies for Penguins Fundraising Campaign

We’re asking penguin lovers all over the world to start their own fundraising campaign to help save the endangered African penguin.

Run a race, host a cake sale or fundraising dinner, sell your art, or cycle to work for a month and get family and friends to sponsor each kilometre. If you’re celebrating a birthday or anniversary, ask friends and family to support your fundraiser instead of buying a gift.

Set up your campaign on GivenGain in just a few minutes. Givengain is a safe and secure platform where your supporters can donate to your campaign from anywhere in the world. Every cent raised will go towards SANCCOB’s rehabilitation and conservation work in aid of the endangered African penguin and other seabirds.

Share your activities on social media and tag SANCCOB in your tweets and posts to boost your fundraising success.

Check out our video for some fun ideas of how to get involved!