Jeff Corwin appeals to public to help build new seabird hospital

Watch Jeff Corwin’s appeal for help to build SANCCOB’s new seabird hospital

Renowned American wildlife biologist and television presenter, Jeff Corwin, is helping to raise funds urgently needed to complete the building of our new penguin hospital at SANCCOB. Corwin has issued a passionate video appeal in support of our Donate-a-brick fundraising drive for the new, state-of-the-art facility. Please click on the image to watch the video.

Host of the popular wildlife series, Ocean Mysteries, on the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) network, Corwin visited SANCCOB during the filming of one of the episodes and also took part in the release of rehabilitated African penguins at Robben Island.

“For my entire life I’ve had a great passion when it comes to animal conservation and I think one of my most favourite species is the penguins you find along South Africa’s coastline,” he said.

The African penguin is the only penguin endemic to the African continent and was once one of South Africa’s most abundant seabird species. However, the population has suffered a dramatic decline over the past century and today only 2% of the endangered African penguin species remain in the wild.

“Unfortunately, penguins are in a lot of trouble due to climate change, habitat loss and pollution,” adds Corwin. “But thankfully for the penguins and many other bird species living along South Africa’s coast, there is SANCCOB. They are heroes on the frontline of conservation. Today there are many thousands of birds including penguins and other species that are alive because of the Herculean efforts of SANCCOB.”

Established nearly 50 years ago in 1968, SANCCOB has treated approximately 100 000 seabirds, including ill, injured, abandoned and oiled African penguins with the help of countless volunteers from all over the world. The new seabird hospital will ensure that the organisation will continue its life-saving work to conserve seabird species in Southern Africa for generations to come. The new seabird hospital will ensure that every seabird patient receives expert care and will include, among other things: two new Intensive Care Units; a three-part wash bay area to wash, rinse and dry oiled birds; a classroom for the centre’s growing educational outreach; a surgery; an X-ray room; pens; preparation areas; an aviary; three new pools; and a laboratory.

Whilst approximately two thirds of the total funds needed have been secured, SANCCOB still needs $300 000/R4 million/£240 000 to complete the new hospital before the end of the year.

“Please join me in supporting SANCCOB in this incredible effort,” Corwin adds.

Members of the public are invited to donate one or more bricks at just $4 (R50/€4/£3) each.