More abandoned chicks rescued

More abandoned penguin chicks rescued

A further 206 abandoned penguin chicks have been admitted to our Table View and Cape St Francis centres, bringing the total to 357 since late October, when the annual mass abandonment of penguin chicks begins. We are thankful for both CapeNature and SANParks’ vigilance in monitoring the colonies during this busy season.

An abandoned egg was also admitted alongside chicks that were rescued from Stony Point in October. The egg was incubated in SANCCOB’s specialised Chick Rearing Unit and successfully hatched on 10 November, weighing 70 grams. Like the other penguin chicks in SANCCOB’s care, the newborn chick will undergo careful rehabilitation until it is a fit and healthy juvenile ready for life in the wild.

We are extremely grateful for international support we’ve received. Staff members from many different zoos and aquaria around the world have joined the SANCCOB volunteer programme to assist with the influx of chicks. Volunteers help with every aspect of chick rehabilitation, from admittance to release. The rehabilitation of a chick can take anything from six weeks to three months depending on their size and condition.

We also thank concerned members of the public for supporting the programme with generous financial donations, and those have chosen to ‘adopt’ one or more of the chicks. Adoption costs R600 (for an email pack) or R700 (for a posted pack) and each pack includes a certificate of adoption, a photograph of your chick and a thank you letter.

If you would like to adopt a chick, please click here. You’ll play an important role in our rescue efforts aimed at saving the endangered African penguin.