Peter, Pamela and Percy in the BIG SPILL

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Peter, Pamela and Percy in the BIG SPILL

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Suitable for ages 3-7

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This book is based on the true story of the ship “Treasure”, which sank in June 2000 just north od Cape Town, send caused and oil slick that harmed thousands of sea birds. People came from far and near to help rescue the penguins in an enormous clean-up operation driven by the Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism, the Avian Demography Unit at UCT, SANCCOB and WWF amongst others. In order to buy time to clean the beaches and the sea, the clean penguins were shipped from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth by truck to swim back to Cape Town (with some luck, because no one knew for sure what they would do but they were counting on their strong homing instinct) The whole of South Africa plotted the progress pf the 3 rescued penguins, Peter, Pamela and Percy, who were equipped with tracking devices, as they swam home.