Education Project

Over the last three years SANCCOB has been working with Special Education Needs Schools (LSEN schools).

Our aim is to fill the environmental education gap in LSEN schools in under resourced areas by providing an outdoor educational field trip for five LSEN schools in the Western Cape and to reach approximately 500 LSEN students and 40 educators working with LSEN. The day trip includes:

  • a visit to SANCCOB’s seabird centre in Cape Town
  • meeting an ambassador penguin
  • a guided bird-watching excursion to the Rietvlei Nature Reserve (situated next to SANCCOB).

The lessons place emphasis on scientific exploration of the environment and show learners what maths and science can do to improve the state of the environment. The long-term goal is to:

  1. inspire teachers to develop their own environmental education lesson plans;
  2. inspire learners to pursue a career in science or in the environmental or conservation sector;
  3. make seabirds more accessible to previously disadvantaged learners.