Library Programme

In an ever-changing curriculum environment and with many South African schools being poorly equipped to present environmental education lessons, there are many learners leaving the school system without being introduced or exposed to environmental themes.

The annual library environmental education programme, targeted at 15 select libraries in previously disadvantaged communities in the Western Cape, aims to educate learners in their formative years about seabirds and the marine environment through educational lessons, arts-and-crafts and storytelling.

The objective is to reach out to more than 600 learners (of which at least 75% are black) and to introduce learners to important concepts such as:

  • The marine environment
  • Various seabird species
  • What it means to reduce, reuse and recycle
  • The impact of littering

Fifteen libraries located in poorly resourced communities are visited during the annual school holidays, and promotional material is sent out in advance to ensure that people are aware of the upcoming programme. An average of 40 to 50 learners and members of the public  visit each library.