Robben Island Penguin And Seabird Ranger

Robben Island is situated in Table Bay and is recognised as a South African National Heritage Site and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, based mainly on cultural heritage. It is also protected environmentally by the South African government and managed by Robben Island Museum, while it is also recognised as an Important Bird and Biodiversity Area (IBA) by BirdLife as well as a global Key Biodiversity Area (KBA) by IUCN. The island falls within the Robben Island marine protected area (MPA) of 580 km (proclaimed in 2019).

It is important for SANCCOB to have a Penguin and Seabird Ranger stationed on Robben Island. The island has the longest standing monitoring of African penguins’ breeding success which was started after the MV Treasure oil spill in 2000 to evaluate how oiled and rehabilitated birds cope in the wild. These days, Robben Island acts as an important monitoring site for fishing closures and effects of fish availability on the survival of African penguin.

SANCCOB has one Penguin and Seabird Ranger stationed on Robben Island. Nicholas Ngcathu has recently joined the team after completing a successful internship on Robben Island. He lives on the Island permanently and works in collaboration with Robben Island Management.

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As an ongoing initiative, the Chick Bolstering Project has several fundable components, including costs associated with rescuing and rearing chicks during periods of mass abandonment.

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