Dr Stephen van der Spuy has an eye on the future

Dr Stephen van der Spuy has an eye on the future

When your mission is “to maintain and boost seabird populations and conserve seabirds for future generations”, you need a clear vision.

Executive Director at SANCCOB, Dr Stephen van der Spuy, is confident that the organisation’s new strategy, together with the support of staff, supporters, partners and stakeholders, will ensure the achievement of this challenging task. We asked him:

What does it take to be an internationally recognised leader in the field of seabird rehabilitation?
Stephen is proud of the advanced diagnostics and treatment available for sick and injured seabirds brought to SANCCOB’s headquarters in Cape Town. “Our veterinary team has grown substantially,” he said, “and we also have a veterinary researcher to provide answers on seabird disease.”

What sort of cases are treated at SANCCOB?
“We are able to treat a wide variety of clinical cases, including lung and air sac infections, fractured limbs, lacerations and bite wounds, eye problems and systemic diseases.”

What facilities do you have?
“Our Table View Centre has a fully equipped operating theatre with an anaesthetic machine, endoscopy, clinical chemistry and an X-ray facility.”