I’m a survivor!

I’m a survivor!

An egg belonging to one of the 33 African penguins killed by a leopard in Betty’s Bay last month has been successfully hatched at SANCCOB.

CapeNature staff, who manage the Stony Point Penguin Colony at Betty’s Bay, rescued a total of five penguin eggs, along with an injured adult and an abandoned chick – all of which were admitted to SANCCOB’s seabird centre in Table View, Cape Town.

Of the five eggs, two were unfortunately not viable, one was damaged during the leopard attack and two siblings from the same nest were hatched in our Chick Rearing Unit. Unfortunately, one of the chicks struggled to maintain a healthy weight and, despite the best efforts of SANCCOB’s staff, died on Friday, 1 July, as a result of a systemic bacterial infection.

The other hatching and the rescued chick are progressing well under SANCCOB’s care and will undergo rehabilitation until they are ready for release back into the wild.

As a non-profit organisation, we appeal to the public to help raise these birds by contributing towards the cost of rehabilitation:

  • R230 buys two boxes of fish
  • R500 helps to buy medicine and veterinary supplies
  • R1000 helps to feed and care for one chick

Please click here to make your donation online.